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Yakkin With Nick

Home of Yakkin With Nick, I hope you enjoy the archives here. Let's yak!

Mar 29, 2017

Authenticity, being true to yourself, is a big deal to me. This is partly why I chose to pursue a non-scripted unedited format for this show. I want to be who I really am all the time, I want to be comfortable in all situations. This isn't practical 100% of the time, but most of the time I think it is beneficial and I...

Mar 24, 2017

I was inspired by a conversation with a friend about politics, liberty, and rural lifestyles to talk about something that I have on my mind a lot. I feel that the rural lifestyle is disappearing, and I don't like that. Maybe I'm being impractical and pessimistic, but I really like living in the wooded hills of Oregon....

Mar 21, 2017

I decided to yak about the farm I run with my family here in Oregon. I tell you how it all got started and why I'm really trying to do this. 

If you have any questions about today's program, shoot me a message, comment, or email. I don't mind, I actually like talking about this stuff. 

Hazelton Farms:

Mar 17, 2017

This is an interview I recorded with Scott Hebert of the Stoic Mettle podcast last fall. It was intended for the Anarcho-Yakitalism Podcast but I really liked the topic and conversation so I decided to release it here. 

I think stoicism is a great tool for all people. I say it might not work for you sometimes, but I...

Mar 15, 2017

I received a suggestion to watch and talk about a Gary Vaynerchuk speech by my friend Jim Jesus of the Lolberts podcast. I watched it and then a clip of a Joe Rogan show with Dan Pena. Both had a message that stuck out to me, something I've been thinking about recently. That I don't do enough to make me satisfied.