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Feb 23, 2018

Mass shootings suck, anytime innocent people die sucks. Many people are talking about the recent shooting in Florida, and I'm glad that so many people care about tragedies like this. But I'm not seeing very many truly helpful responses to this event. The messages I'm hearing are "The left is politicizing tragedies!" "The right doesn't care about children!"

That's not helpful. That doesn't change people's minds, it drives them into their corners and trenches deeper. And it doesn't solve the issue, that mentally unstable children(adults too) with the intent of killing their peers, are getting access to very dangerous weapons and carrying out their violent dreams on innocent people. I know these events don't happen very often statistically, but it is an issue, and attempting to remove a technology from the public is silly. 

The problem isn't that AR-15's exist or even that there aren't enough armed guards at schools. The problem is that systems, societies, families, and institutions in this country are creating these monsters. Kids aren't violent because of guns, they're violent because of how they were raised. If we want mass shootings to stop, we have to take responsibility in our own hands. Not the legislature's, not law enforcement's, not even school administrators'. It's your responsibility to make sure your kid grows up with an appreciation of life and love.