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Yakkin With Nick

Home of Yakkin With Nick, I hope you enjoy the archives here. Let's yak!

Apr 6, 2018

While I've been podfading, I've been looking at the variables in my life. The things that affect what I'm trying to do with my life, of which there are many. I have goals and a purpose in life, and I'm constantly trying to be focused on them. But it's easy to be distracted and easy to lose what you're trying to attain....

Mar 1, 2018

I'm on a strange kick of enjoying the fuck out of life. I'm not used to having this level of satisfaction in my life. Things are going well, but I'm still not where I want to be. I haven't met my goals, I'm not even on top of everything I'm doing in my life. None of it's perfect, or even close to it, but I'm still...

Feb 23, 2018

Mass shootings suck, anytime innocent people die sucks. Many people are talking about the recent shooting in Florida, and I'm glad that so many people care about tragedies like this. But I'm not seeing very many truly helpful responses to this event. The messages I'm hearing are "The left is politicizing tragedies!"...

Feb 10, 2018

I've been thinking about human brutality throughout history as I've been researching some brutal times in America, specifically Oregon. The history of the native peoples here is quite tragic, so I explored some of my feelings and thoughts on that history and how I've been affected by it.



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Feb 7, 2018

I'm just yakkin today. I wanted to talk about the show I did with Thaddeus Russell a bit, and I ended up rambling for half an hour. Haha, it's a decent solo episode, I think you'll enjoy it.

As always, let me know what you think!

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